Improvisation and Music Theory


Jazz Improvisation for the Beginning Student

These lessons are designed to provide more playing time for students within a focused environment that’s both practical and fun; providing real - time feedback and suggestions.

Lessons are available to players of “rhythm section” instruments - piano, guitar and bass – but other instruments are welcome as well because it’s all music.  Other styles may be of interest too.

…Here are some of the things covered…

• Initially, we’ll explore the notes or tones that sound better over a particular chord: triads 

  and 7th chords.

• Then, advancing to common chord progressions like the all important, II, V, and I;   secondary dominants and the minor II, V, and I and “turnarounds.” 

• Expanding to shorter forms – 12 to16 bars - in friendly keys which might include C, G, F,   Bb, and  Eb.

• Eventually, utilizing choice standards selections from all variations of the “Real Book.”

…And, along the way…

• Exploring Major, Harmonic Minor and Lydian Dominant scales and Diminished Chords   and Tri-tone substitutions.

• Understanding Rhythms: Swing, Latin and the Jazz Waltz.

• Pertinent Music Theory: many people read well but have little knowledge of actual music   theory, so we’ll try to bridge the gap and expand…

• Available “backing tracks” for home use and creating a manageable practice routine.

…The Details…

• 30 minute sessions: the typical time frame, the rate is $20.00.

• 45 minute sessions: with more time for playing or discussing concepts, the rate is   $30.00.    Also, this time frame could work with two players becoming very cost effective.

• Longer sessions may be available as well.

• We’re conveniently located with after-school hours and weekends too.

…Also, Music Theory stuff…

• Extra tutoring to address those important music theory questions that there never seems   to be enough time to investigate.

• All those “voice leading” concepts or even “ear-training” that seem difficult.

• Or, even more basic, what’s a chord?

…About Other Styles…

• As regards other styles, there’s an overall application or overlay of improvisational concepts or theory that apply globally and therefore, to any context or style.  So, “labels” are some what irrelevant and so, there are no limits.  Here are some other areas you might consider pursuing:

    a) Improvisation or lead playing in any style which could include new and different         scales, chords, chord progressions and styles of music – new and different grooves.

    b) Technique – making every little move count and eliminating the ones that don’t.

    c) Different types or genres of music – things you may not have the opportunity or time         to play in a band setting.  Hey, let’s open some doors.


So, just let us know what you’re interested in and bring your instrument and let’s play…

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