Here's What We Teach

Premier Music Studios provides private music lessons in many areas.

Here’s a brief outline:

• Voice
• Piano
• Guitar, Bass and Ukulele
• The Alexander Technique
• Woodwinds – including Reed, Double Reeds and Flute
• Improvisation – in both Jazz and Popular Styles 

The Team

Premier Music Studios in Indianapolis has a teacher to meet your needs.  Our team of instructors are highly knowledgeable, qualified musicians whose love of music shines in their teaching.  They are passionate about music and work everyday to share that passion and knowledge with their students.  

Our current roster of instructors includes:

• Branden Downing

• JJ Flynn

• Brian Johns

• Meagan Johnson

• Tammany Shankle

• Anita Tiemeyer

Find Out More...

To learn more about our teachers and lessons, please visit their individual pages.