Studio Space Available

Need a place to teach?

Premier Music Studios is currently seeking teachers in the Nora and Indianapolis area. If you have experience teaching instrumental or choral music, please contact us to inquire about studio space and availability. 

We offer very reasonable room rental rates in a clean and spacious area.

... Regarding teaching at Premier Music Studios:

• Our hours of operation are typically after school, after work which translates to 2:00 –   9:00 PM, Monday – Thursday and 8:00 – 4:00 PM, Saturday.

• We offer a convenient, family-friendly environment 

• Drive up parking.

• Large waiting area (…it's quite the ample area with space for the siblings)

• Instructors are considered as being “independent contractors” so schedule   management, collection of tuition, amount of tuition and other individual teaching   policies are managed solely by the individual instructor. 

• We can aid with some of your advertising needs by way of our website and actual 

  clientele traffic.

…Or do you just need a place to practice?

We have several clients – perhaps apartment dwellers – who just want to practice or play on real instruments and relish that acoustic vibe with a bit of volume.  We have space for you as well and the same houly rates apply.

Studio Rental Rates - here's how it works...

At Premier Music Studios, we use a tiered or scaled system for room rental.  Essentially, the more you teach, the lower the rate becomes.  There is even a monthly cap on how much rent we charge.

  • 1 to 3 hours per week - $9.00/hour
  • 4 to 6 hours per week - $8.00/hour
  • 7 to 12 hours per week - $7.00/hour
  • 13 or more hours per week - $6.00/hour, with a monthly cap of $350.00.

Available Studio Space

We currently have three studios with space available and generally, times are reserved on a weekly basis. 

Also, available for use is our lobby or waiting room area.  We use this space for recitals and other gatherings typically on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.  With accommodation for 40 or so people, this space rents for $20.00 an hour and yes, we have chairs.

Studio Features:

• Each studio has either an upright or digital piano.  And, these are quality digitals with   grand hammer action.
• All studios are spacious with the largest being able to fit an ensemble of up to 8 players.
• Desks and music stands are provided.
• Shelf and cabinet space is available for storage of pedagogical materials and there are   areas for individual signage, postings or art – make it your own.
• These are actual “rooms” with some soundproofing – no drapes.