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With a life-long interest in the intersection of artistry and education, Meagan Johnson works as an Alexander Technique teacher, choral conductor, voice instructor, singer, and composer.  She holds a Master of  Music in voice performance and Bachelor of Music in voice performance and music education, both from Ithaca College.  Following her music studies, Meagan completed a 1600 hour Alexander Technique teacher-certification program at Alexander Technique Urbana (IL).

The Alexander Technique helps people unlearn postural habits of tension that interfere with daily life.  Changing these habits leads not only to healthier posture, but also to reduced chronic pain, improved performance in music, dance, acting and athletics, and mindful poise at work and play.  The Alexander Technique supports the work of musicians, especially those in training-building coordination and skills for effective practice and engaging performance.  Meagan's Alexander Technique studio includes musicians and non-musicians.  Meagan is an adjunct lecturer at the Indiana University School of Jacobs School of Music, where she instructs collegiate and professional-level music students in the Alexander Technique.  She travels regionally to present workshops about the intersection of Alexander Technique with performing arts, health, and education.

As a voice teacher, Meagan guides singers toward free vocal development, drawing on her dual training in Alexander Technique and vocal pedagogy to empower the whole singer for artistry with excellence.  She teachers both traditional voice lessons (30 and 45 minute) as well as unique combination Voice-Alexander Technique lessons (60 minute).  Meagan has appeared in recital and oratorio performances throughout the Midwest, including Alexander's Feast and Solomon with the Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana, and is an avid interpreter of 20th century and  new music.  Meagan is active as a choral conductor, and is currently Artistic Director of Indianapolis Women's Chorus.

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