Branden Downing - Piano and Jazz Improvisation

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Branden Downing is a pianist and teacher who has both jazz and classical training.  Holding a Bachelor in Music degree in Piano Performance from Ball State University his skill set includes the music theory concepts of counterpoint, voice leading, jazz theory and harmonic analysis.  He brings a genuine eagerness to impart his knowledge and enthusiasm of music to his students.

In discussing the “why music education” question, Branden illuminates upon and delves into his basic philosophy:

“I love music.  Because I love music so much, I wish to bring my love, enthusiasm, and understanding to my students. Some who haven’t yet discovered the joy and beauty in music but soon will and others who already have and are seeking to understand the facets of it and truly express themselves through it.  After all, music is an art form, one which happens to have many mental benefits when listened to.

I believe my understanding and experience with music, being largely self-taught; will help me help the student’s conceptualization and associate musical ideas in ways that are easily understood.

Lastly, my mother and my grandfather were both teachers, however not of music. However, their knowledge and sense of pride in teaching has inspired me to be the best teacher I can possibly be.”