Anita Tiemeyer - Woodwinds and Piano

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Anita Tiemeyer has one singular objective for her students, no matter what their age - that is to become well-educated consumers of music for the rest of their lives.  By playing an instrument and participating in a musical group, the student will appreciate music more than a non-music student will.  He/she will not only take pleasure in listening to music, he/she will know why he loves.

On a more immediate level, Ms. Tiemeyer's first priority for the music student is to play his/her best in band class.  Working closely with the band directors, she makes sure that the student is prepared for playing and written tests, and that he/she has his/her part ready for the ISSMA organizational contests and school performances.  Students who stay in the lessons quickly get past this part of the lesson, and Ms. Teiemeyer will then move on to scales, etudes (workbooks), and solo literature.

In the process, she teaches the pedagogical aspects of the instrument, i.e. how to pay the instrument itself in far greater detail than what the student would learn in band class.  The band director has to deal with a room full of 40 or 50 students, and simply doesn't have the time to spend on each individual student.  By spotting and correcting bad habits such as wrong fingerings, poor embouchure, and incorrect hand positions that have been overlooked in band class, she helps the student with the very fundamental of playing a wind instrument:  having a good, solid, confident sound.

Band directors want as many of their students to take private lessons as possible.  Additionally, the students that take private lessons will positively influence their band mates to attain a higher level of playing.  They then become leaders among their peers.

Ms. Tiemeyer encourages her students to participate in extra events such as ISSMA contest, All-Region and All-State Bands, and student community groups such as the Indiana Youth Wind Ensemble and the New World Youth Symphony.  She also helps students prepare for auditions to get into music schools at the collegiate or university level.

Anita makes positive reinforcement and encouragement central to her lessons, while communicating what the student needs to fix as well as what they're doing well.  She sets high standards and wants all her students to do and try their best.  Also, she  will help families choose an instrument to purchase or rent, as well help the student with some technical issues with their instrument.

Finally, Anita also welcomes adult students who wish to continue to enjoy their instruments, whether it's for their own pleasure or by playing in any local venues.

Anita obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts in music education from Western Illinois University, and Master's of Music degree from Butler University.  She has maintained a private woodwind's studio in the Indianapolis area since 1993.  Some of the area schools where she has taught private lessons include Pike High School, Ben Davis High School, Lawrence North High School, Center Grove High School, and Brebeuf College Preparatory High School.  She has also taught at countless middle schools.  Ms. Teimeyer has been an adjudicator at ISSMA solo and ensemble.  She has played oboe/English horn with orchestras in Anderson, Muncie, Marion, and Lafayette.  She was also oboist/saxophonist with the 539th Air Force Band at Lakeland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX.

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