Premier Music Studios

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About Us

With decades of combined experience in teaching music lessons, the teachers of Premier Music Studios offer quality music instruction to our beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  Located in the Nora area on the north side of Indianapolis, Premier Music Studios offers private music lessons in a variety of areas to students of all ages, including guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, woodwind lessons as well as ukulele and bass lessons.  Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine. 

Here's what current and past students are saying about Premier Music Studios:


"Love Premier!  Thought I was 'too old' to take up an instrument for the first time, but found myself wanting to learn guitar. Am really lucky to have stumbled on my new teacher, Brian Johns.  He breaks it down into bite-sized pieces and I can tell he puts effort into choosing lessons that suit what you're hoping to accomplish in the learning process.  Very laid back, but professional environment's one of the highlights of my week and I'd highly recommend" - Amy

"As a student of ten plus years, I honestly can't think of a more patient and polite person to study piano with than John.  He understood that the process of mastering the instrument and expressing oneself musically should be an enjoyable one.  During my lessons, I was never talked down to, and despite the fact that I may never be a concert pianist, I was always afforded as much time and energy as anyone." - Harry

"When I moved to Indiana, I went through a process of trying to find a piano teacher that was right for me and my style.  Musically, I have always been very particular and knew what I wanted to play.  John encouraged me to not only explore more of what I liked, but introduced me to other composers, whose styles were very similar.  I came out with a much broader background than what I went in with.  Nearly seven years later, I still play almost every day and wouldn't trade it for anything." - Dane​